Small Video On Dadi Janki The Wonder Of The World

8 Responses to “Small Video On Dadi Janki The Wonder Of The World”

  1. bkharsha says:

    beautiful video. keep up with new form of service. Thanks

  2. rajeev kumar says:

    undoubtedly dadi janki ji is a wonder on the earth a little female with a big head and head of the such institution which is giiving the whole world a new path to travel on the same to get peace and as a head dadi ji is giving her maximum at 94………………may she live till the vinash takes place to guide us … shanti……… bk rajiv panchkula 9417441177

  3. fate0909 says:


  4. says:

    DaDi Janaki is a wondeful gift by GOD

  5. Hitesh Chandaria says:

    Imagine how fortunate we are to have Dadi’s like her to uplift us.

  6. bkajaya says:

    Excellent presentation

  7. rajyogibkprem says:
    om shanti
    spirituality is the necessity of the present world. you are giving it in audio visual form and with all modern way, this givis you blessings and bliss to us.

    thank you

  8. naval kannor says:


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