Directions From Bapdada- “बापदादा के इशारे”: Class By Dadi Gulzar In 31st March Turn

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Listen To Dadi Gulzar's Class In 31st March Last Turn

15 Responses to “Directions From Bapdada- “बापदादा के इशारे”: Class By Dadi Gulzar In 31st March Turn”

  1. bk celeste says:

    Wah Baba! Mere Baba! Mere Bapdada! Can we also kindly have English translation? Om Shanti!

  2. bksunil.del says:

    Dadi’s Class is very wonderfull and gave me experience of Madhuban.
    Please keep upload this type of class.

    I realy thankfull to you for this sewa.
    Om Shanti
    BK Sunil 09818913791

  3. bharati says:

    It is great to hear Dadi Gulzar’s voice but can’t understand.:(

  4. bkkusum says:

    Very interesting,can I download the voice

  5. bkrajshekar says:

    Wonderful Class by Dadiji.

  6. bkshivani says:

    Refreshing like always…thanks baba…thank u baba’s angel….
    plz keep on uploading such lectures…
    the voice quality was absolutely clear…
    thanks baapdada…

  7. rajeev kumar says:

    dadi jis class is as great as of bapdadas murli

  8. bkumabhen says:

    very beautiful, simplified and to the point.
    What are “my sanscars”?, this is what I have to know and own them
    What are “ravan’s sanscars”, they are not mine, so disown them.
    Anything which is mine, I have owned it and therefore is never forgotten.
    Easy effort don’t say “my” to ravan’s sanscars.

  9. bk manish says:

    Divine truths are simple and direct and it touches our souls instantly

  10. ajay.jntu84 says:

    Om shanti BApdada
    Wat a great baba u r

  11. narayangarh says:

    Om Shanti, multi million thanks bapdada and baba’s right hand team.

  12. bksudhir says:

    Thanks for daddi

  13. christinek says:

    om shanti… yes, shukriya for Dadi Gulzar’s class… can we also have an english translation? thanks again for classes like these…

  14. bkarmaan says:

    feel great to listen dadi’s voice. thankyou baba, thankyou guljar dadi thankyou

  15. akshay says:

    Om Shanti

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