Inauguration Of ‘Brahma Kumaris Road’ In Trivandrum

Inauguration Of 'Brahma Kumaris Road' In Trivandrum Inauguration Of 'Brahma Kumaris Road' In Trivandrum

Road Adjacent to Brahmakumaris – Shiv Chintan Bhavan at Trivandrum Was  Named After Brahma  Kumaris as  Brahma Kumaris Road Which Was Inaugurated
By Sir Oommen Chandy The Leader Of Oppositions, Kerala Govt.

3 Responses to “Inauguration Of ‘Brahma Kumaris Road’ In Trivandrum”

  1. shobaselva says:

    Bk Shoba , Pollachi

    Let the whole lane become pure as per the name of the road

  2. sivaram_baba says:

    Good good..! really happy to hear transformations..! let this get the attention of everyone around..! om shanthi

  3. rajeev kumar says:

    fully literate state now the time has come that the whole of kerala should be declared the first fully literate state with regard to knowledge of shiv babas gyan … may you be successful””… shanti….. bkrajiv 09417441177

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