Gyan Amrut Magazine Now Online – August Edition

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Part7 | Part8 | Part9 | Part10 | Part11 | Part12 | Part13

17 Responses to “Gyan Amrut Magazine Now Online – August Edition”

  1. madhubantulsi says:

    Thanks a Million to start this E Gyanamrut… This will multiply services…and enhance the level of Media Publicity services as we are getting good response of Astha channel at each centre, Wish this will also bring limitless feelings in BK family and world service

  2. This is really very good initiative. Many many congrats….

    But page 25 is missing and a portion of Page 21 is also blank.
    Please check it out.

    Otherwise, a very good service. Best wishes.

  3. bksuresh says:

    Thanks for giving such a chance.

  4. bkharsha says:

    thanks this webside to get chance to read all news and gayn amrit

  5. Ramu says:

    Nice one….Thanks to baba…

  6. nnt_123agrawal says:


  7. bkdinesh says:

    Many Many Thanks to Baba & Divine Sisters & Brothers who has taken so much efforts for bringing the magazine online. I now eagerly look forward to receiving PURITY MAGAZINE also online.

  8. bhaveshkumar says:

    Thats good and congratulate to all Supproted this Sevice.
    This Seva is very helpful to all our brahmin Parivar and others People also.
    I wish to every one very happy and sucessful Website louching.

  9. BkBhavesh says:

    Om Shanti
    Thank you very much for stating this E-service.

    It will very much helpful for Pratyakshta..

  10. selva_shoba says:

    Bk Shoba, Pollachi
    Happy to see my brothers and sisters comments.
    As i dont know hindi it is not possible for me to comment but nine responses reveals the worthful work.

  11. merababa says:

    Om shanti – thanks Baba and thanks divine family for this wonderful service.

    Lots of blessings.

    PS. As pointed out by one brother above, page 25 is missing.

  12. chandrakantp says:

    Om Shanti Thank you Baba it will give me great opportunity to keep up with the godly service around the world and inspiration for self service . thank you to all Babas children who are instruments for this great idea.
    B.K Chandrakant N.Z

  13. susdas_264 says:

    Shukriya Baba. Yes I am happy indeed how Baba inspires us in so many ways to do service. This is another great way
    In Baba’s Yaadpyaar
    BK Sushila. Auckland

  14. bkvivek says:

    Baba’s service is getting enhanced and I am happy about it. Thanks for all concerned.

    In Babas’Yadd Piyar
    BK Vivekanandasarma

  15. bkvivek says:

    Om shanti.
    Baba says “The time is near for completion and it will not wait for anyone”. In saying this Baba expects speedy service and also He says that he is happy and gets proud whenever He hears the service news of the children. Baba is therefore very happy with this great service and let we, the Golden aged Diamonds too join Him to celebrate this wonderful service.
    In Babas’ remembrance
    BK Vivekanandasarma

  16. bkvivek says:

    Om Shanti
    Let we all join together with Baba and celebrate this great service.

    BK Saraswathy

  17. shivkumar says:

    Om shati
    This will help to mature new souls in gyan…every bk should have at least one hard copy of this both the magazines …Thank u very much …thanks baba.

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