Essence Of Murli Songs “Batch-6”- FREE DOWNLOAD

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  1. rituraj says:

    tahnk u for b’ful songs

  2. Mireya says:

    I wonder if somebody can help me to translate into hindi the title of the song:
    The resident of the faraway land has come to the foreign land.
    Is it the 049 dur desh ke kanane vale from the cd mp3 amulya ratan-sakar murli songs?
    I am trying to translate the titles into english and spanish in order to know them according to the murlis of the day.
    Thanks to whomever can help me, replying to
    Om shanti

  3. pramod says:

    glad to see omshanti spirtiuals website in the internet

  4. amitdesai1971 says:

    essence bathch-6of muril songs

  5. khushboo82 says:

    Ishwar Apne Saath Hai…. Fir… Darne ki kya baat hai…. Such a lovely song. Thank you. Om Shanti.

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