E.Gyan Amrut May 2010 Issue Is ONLINE

Click here to read the gyanamrit may 2010

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2 Responses to “E.Gyan Amrut May 2010 Issue Is ONLINE”

  1. bkgopalji says:

    very touching and inspiring to see Dadiji visiting the place where it all began…..
    i had a wish to visit that place, now that wish is fulfilled, bksewa took me there with Dadiji,

    Many thanks Dadiji, BKSEWA,
    Congratulations to all the Cooperative souls from Pakistan and all over the world who made this happen.

    thank you baba and drama.

  2. rajeev kumar says:

    it is a good effort to put the ga/wr on the net those who do not have much of time to write or read can comment/read

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