E.Gyan Amrut February 2009 Issue Is Online

Click to read Gyanamrit February 2009

3 Responses to “E.Gyan Amrut February 2009 Issue Is Online”

  1. bkrachanabhu7 says:

    om shanti
    Wat to say!!!!!!!……
    itsreallya gr8 GODLY service
    thanks to all brothers nd sisters who hav done this nd also thanks to baba
    om shanti

  2. rachanabhu7 says:

    om shanti to all brother nd sisters
    its a nice approach .thanks baapdada
    happy SHIVRAATRI in advance to all members

  3. BK Dr.NIKHIL says:

    Dear Bro.Nikunj,
    This is for the first time I tried to read Gyanamrit. May I request you to
    kindly Increase the font size of Text so that it is redable.
    Dr.Nikhil Patel

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