Dadimaa Says ” Create A Revolution Of Values To See A Better Tomorrow “

11 Responses to “Dadimaa Says ” Create A Revolution Of Values To See A Better Tomorrow “”

  1. om shanti this is the very very best

  2. ravi baviskar says:

    this is great”
    i am soul and son of god shiva.

  3. bkdamodararaju says:

    Om shanti
    devine brothers and sisters ,
    thisproject is very useful to all bk’s and others also to thair spiritual life , because some bk’s are not attended to regularly classs by job or other problems. but it is very useful in their offices in leasur time to remember to shiv baabaa
    hankyou all of you . bk damodar kaDapa A.P INDIA

  4. mithun says:

    it would good if the video was translated in english or french

  5. mithun says:

    as i don`t understand hindi at all

  6. BKROOPA says:

    Its really a great service..Om Shanti..:)

  7. karuna27000 says:

    It is the real true service

  8. jatinder says:

    Om shanti.Excellent

  9. durga.r.nair says:

    This is wonderful service tobk bandali mata

  10. satyanarayana says:

    Will you please make it available the murlis of Sakar Baba and Mamma in their original voice.

  11. vaishali says:

    thanks for madhuban radio …aaj jab mai pahilibar madhuban radio sun rahi thi to bahot khushi ho rahi thi……….. aap sunraheho madhuban 90.4 FM ……….ab sun rahe ho aaj ke seva samachar…….. wha !!!!!! baba wha !!!!!!!!!!! sachmuch kamal hai aap ki our aap ke bacchoki !!!!!!!!!! thanks our baba.. dadi ,didi, & all madhuban radio team ab to daily vividhbharti ki thara tips bhi milenge our baba’s song bhi thanks baba wow.swaman bhi mil rahe hai…ye service babake bachhoki west time ko best time me parivartan kar ne me madat karega …..our ha jin ka bhi aavaj hai radio jocky bahot shanti purvak madhurta se bolte hai bahot aacha aavaj hai bahenka plzzzz ek request hai daily murli ka video our audio daily madhuban me chalnewali classes , daily activiti dekhne sunne mil sakti hai mil sakti hai kya?

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