Dadi Ratanmohini at Season of Success Retreat at Anubhuti Retreat Center San Fransisco

The ‘Season of Success‘ retreat attracted over 100 brahmins from Canada, US and Mexico to the Anubhuti Retreat Center. The timing was perfect as the Brahma Kumaris center in San Francisco was awarded the ‘Best Meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area‘ by the top newspaper of the region, the San Francisco Chronicle. Dadi displayed the award to the packed audience at a public program on July 2nd.

Dadi displaying the award from San Francisco Chronicle to Baba’s center for Best Meditation in the San Francisco Bay Area at public program
Ratanmohini dadi addressing public gathering in San Francisco

BK’s Enjoying A Picnic with Dadi at Anubhuti Retreat Center
Dadi distributing fruit candy to Season of Success retreat participants

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