Dadi Gulzar in Africa 8th – 26th May 200

8 Responses to “Dadi Gulzar in Africa 8th – 26th May 200”

  1. selva_shoba says:

    Very happy to be the first person to comment about Dadiji’s trip around africa.
    Trip like this will explore the secret of Peace and radiate thre powerful vibration of
    Power and spread the fragrance of Wisdom.Let the whole world get the opportunity like this.

  2. bksuresh says:

    wah baba………..aapne kamal kar diyaaa……

  3. bkanasuya says:

    OH ! My GOD !
    OH ! My Brother’s & Sisters ! ! !

  4. bksurender says:

    OH ! Baba !
    How am I lucky soul , is enjoing the your magical acts

  5. bkyouthwing says:

    Good Services is done by your site.

    May God Bless U

    Keep it Up

  6. vineethbk says:

    It is very wonderful to see how GOD is carrying his task of world transformation.

  7. shivkawale says:


  8. Paresh says:

    Baba aapne kamal kardiya, ab wo din door nahin jab Shivbaba ka dhawaj leharayega sare vishwape

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