Cartoon Of The Week : – 25-08-2010

Cartoon Of The Week

5 Responses to “Cartoon Of The Week : – 25-08-2010”

  1. rajeev kumar says:

    this cartoon will help enlighten masses it is great to view this long ago we in panjab use to listev stories of babananak ji that who so ever will have a holy dip in dukhbhanjani chapri will be free from all bondages with this ctoon god himself is enlightening the masses ………… shanti bkrajiv panchkula

  2. rajeev kumar says:

    bapdada and his children have a symbiotic relaltionship in which he gives us the right way to go on and we follow his path to gain success………………….om shanti… vrind

  3. bkbishnuz says:

    well and interesting about it . related with present condition

  4. gurjit says:

    Now time be lighted.

  5. sagarbandarkar says:

    very nice…

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