Cartoon Of The Week :- 02-09-2010

5 Responses to “Cartoon Of The Week :- 02-09-2010”

  1. deepika_star says:

    can i submit my views in cartoon.

  2. bkgyan says:

    the cartoon reminds us about the coming future ..boom…blam…
    so get ready bks

  3. bkrahulkumar says:

    This cartoon shows that we are safe only when we are with BABA

  4. bkmaheshkumar says:

    This miracle is happens when we are in touch of GOD. This is very inspiring cartoon to me. thanks

    bkmaheshkumar, belgaum zone, karnataka, india.

  5. angellight says:

    1 .Develop a New Skill to Control our MIND through self-discipline to meditate during AMRITVELA & CHURNING GODLY KNOWLEDGE and DOING SERVICE.
    2. Then the Power to practice “MMB” – Man ManaBhava increasing, Practice MMB in daily Life, ex.: Playing Piano, Driving Car, Seating in the Plane, Sleeping
    3. SOUL develop tightly closed relationship with Supreme Father
    4. Keep “SILENT” when something unexpected happens ……In SILENCE We are able to maintain state of PEACE naturally

    Om shanti
    Angel Light

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