“The Greatest Day” Dedicated to Shiv Jayanti Celebrated in Moscow

“The Greatest Day”, dedicated to ‘Shiv Jayanti’ celebrated in Moscow (Russia) with great fervor and enthusiasm. Eminent personalities like Mrs. Elmira Sadykova, Associate Professor of the Diplomatic Academy, Jurist of International Class, dealing with the problem of spiritual acceptance between religions, B.K. Vassily Zhivotyagov, Honoured Artist of Russia, Bro. Vijay Kumar, Coordinator of BKWSU Activities in Russia, Father Anatoly, Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church, Mr. Victor Sinelnikov, Representative of the Bahá’í Faith, Mrs. Ada Potapova, Director of Children’s and Family Programmes at the Moscow Jewish Community House hoisted Shiv Baba’s flag and lighted the candles.

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4 Responses to ““The Greatest Day” Dedicated to Shiv Jayanti Celebrated in Moscow”

  1. bansi says:

    Wah Baba Wah……….aap tuo jadugar ho!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bpn926 says:

    Wonderful !! Great service !!!

  3. arun kannor says:

    very nice thank to baba

  4. Mikhail Golovanov says:

    Wonderful Baba! Wonderful Drama!
    Om Shanti.

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